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Unitarian Song

I'm a Unitarian and I'm OK

Eugene Brennan, 2005: please pass this on, it is my gift for what it is worth.
To tune of "I'm a lumberjack"
We go to church on Sunday
We wear proper attire
We always lite a candle
We like to play with fire

-- Chorus:
I'm a Unitarian
and I'm OK.
It doesn't really matter
if you're straight or gay.

We stand to sing, we sit to pray,
or some say meditate.
We often miss announcements,
because we show up late.

-- Chorus

You know we're open-minded,
you won't find our minds closed.
To dark & lite together,
except when washing clothes.

-- Chorus

And if the sermon bores us,
we try not to complain.
For patience is a virtue,
tho sometimes it's a strain.

-- Chorus

I'll look for you next Sunday,
perhaps we'll meet again.
I think it's time to go now,
and bring this to an end.