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2.5 cups nuts (walnuts and almonds)
3 cups sunflower seeds
.5 cup sesame seeds
18 cups rolled oats
.5 cup vegetable oil
1 cup honey
in a large dishpan.
Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes.


The exact ratios of most things aren't that important, except for the
oil and honey. Put the dry ingredients in first, rolled oats last,
then mix in oil & honey. I measure the oil first, so the honey won't
stick to the measuring cup. I warm the honey in a microwave for 60
seconds before pouring it in while stirring steadily, so the honey
doesn't form clumps.

I bake the granola in cake pans, about 2 inches thick. It won't
all fit at one time, so I do a second roasting with a third of the batch.

The walnuts are a bit susceptible to burning, so I try to keep them out
of the corners of the pans, and if they are on top I push them into the

The first two times end up being about 17 minutes and the last one about
14, because of how I run the timer. Shorter for the last time is good.



I started making granola back in middle school, starting with a recipe
my mom found, and I've been making it since. Now I buy my rolled oats
in a 50 pound bag, from the PCC. During college I got my ingredients
from a real co-op, where you had to put in hours to be a member.

One time I made it while studying in Germany. It was hard to find the
ingredients, but I eventually got everything together. I was
excited. It seemed to take the oven a long time to heat up, but I
didn't think much about it. Then, when I took it out after 15
minutes to stir, it was ruined, burnt to a black crisp - apparently
350 degrees was not Fahrenheit :-(