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Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R, 3rd edition, Chihara & Hesterberg 2022.

Important article: Tim Hesterberg (2015), What Teachers Should Know about the Bootstrap: Resampling in the Undergraduate Statistics Curriculum, The American Statistician 69(4) 371-386, DOI: 10.1080/00031305.2015.1089789  (it is not just for teachers - it has material that every statistician should know)

bootstrap: bootstrap software, teaching material for introductory statistics (including downloadable book chapters)

R packages: dataframe package for faster data frame operations, aggregate package for fast and convenient aggregation, resample for bootstrap and permutation tests.

articles: articles, book chapters, etc.

videos: recordings of talks I've given

My CV, resume, and a humorous biographical sketch.

Visualization contest award winner: Barplots with curved tops that show uncertainty.


water bottle rockets

Eliot Institute: a great family camp, one place I teach rockets. also I teach kids to make paddleboats, kerosene torches, and a raft that we set on fire (along with slips of paper where people write what they want to let go of, on New Years). 


Diary from six months my family spent in Australia.

Camels and Bananas (a puzzle).

The Wind Chill Factor is -80

I enjoy running, biking, travel, board games, bridge, ...

Public Policy

Hot shower = 2000 LED light bulbs


Computer Labs in Schools Abroad

I was on the board of Technology Services Corps (sadly, disbanded 2019). We had high school students refurbish donated computers, then take them to needy countries. I led trips to:

Costa Rica 2012. One school in Esquipulas, near Aguas Zarcas, San Carlos (Alajuela); second in la Union de Venecia (San Carlos).

Ecuador 2009. Two schools in and near the great market town of Otavalo.

Guatemala 2007. Estanzuela, the cleanest town in Guatemala (With Global Technology Academy, the predecessor to TSC).

An important part of this program was the effect on the students participating, developing leadership and empathy. Students were from Garfield High School, which has a very diverse population, and these trips were a great way to promote interaction and friendships among races in a positive context.